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Learn to Fly

Interested in learning how to fly?  If so, consider taking an
Introductory Flight Lesson.
Your Introductory Flight Lesson includes:
  •   A hands-on aircraft orientation and pre-flight demonstration
  •   A guided lesson on how to taxi and take-off
  •   A chance for you to the fly the airplane
  •   A 30-minute flight around the local area
We offer Introductory Flights in:
  •   Our two-seat Cessna 152 for only $120 plus tax 
  •   Our four-seat Cessna 172 for only $160 plus tax
          * (includes approximately 30 minutes of flight time and 30 minutes of ground instruction)
Whether you are seeking to make aviation a career or to fulfill a
life-long dream, we can help you accomplish your aviation goals.
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